Our History and Vision

Port Elevator was founded in 1975 with the mission of providing the highest quality elevator equipment and the best possible service our customers can expect. Our customers tell us that we do what the other companies don’t.

Headquartered in New Columbia, Pennsylvania, we only install components produced by leading manufacturers because we want each customer to have the strongest and most reliable products available.

Each of our suppliers shares our belief that elevators should last the life of the building. Since you can’t trade in your elevator every few years like a car or household appliance, low-bid, assembly line products should never be part of quality elevator design or maintenance.

We understand that elevator technology, building codes, system coordination and even personal tastes change rapidly. That’s why we are glad to work with our customers step by step in all aspects of design, installation, service and consultation so that you always have elevators that run safely and reliably.

A True Independent Company

In the elevator service industry, there are two types of companies–Major and Independent.

Major companies are known worldwide, have manufacturing plants in multiple countries and offices in major cities. Each smaller branch reports to a higher division in the larger cities who in turn report to the main offices.

Service calls are taken in a call center–often in a different state or even another country. They only know you by your account number. They ask scripted questions, record your answers, and then report the call to someone who will contact your local branch. These companies sell and install their own parts–and only their parts–and claim that only they can maintain them.

Independent companies like Port Elevator are different.

We are locally managed and operate within localized service areas. We get to know you by your name and face–not an account number. We work to form long-term relationships with each customer. You can usually get the management of our company on the phone to resolve problems quickly. No waiting for your service request to be processed by multiple people.

We sell, install and maintain non-proprietary parts. These parts are easy-to-service and, unlike the parts from major companies, the plans are available to all companies. The advantage to you is that you have the freedom to choose your company, or switch to another if you do not like your service.

Our goal is always to provide you with the best, most dependable elevator parts and service possible. We look forward to getting to know you and serving all of your specific needs.

For any questions, more information or to schedule a FREE consultation, contact us.