New Elevator Installation

Our team of experienced, certified technicians work with architects, building engineers and managers to develop a detailed plan for new construction and installation.

All of our new installs are ADA-compliant with custom designs available. We use non-proprietary equipment to fit your exact building type and functional needs and can install any type of elevator:

  • Traction Elevators
  • Hydraulic Elevators
  • Roped Hydraulic Elevators
  • Commercial Lifts
  • Dumbwaiters

*For specific elevator installation questions, call us.

Elevator Modernization

Most elevators will perform strong for about 20-30 years from its installation date. At this time, it is likely due for a modernization project. We specialize in full or partial modernizations of your current elevator to improve its look, feel and performance.

Signs your elevator may be due for modernization:

  • It’s been 20-30 years since installation
  • Doors do not operate smoothly
  • Elevator is noisy or rides rough
  • Increased maintenance frequency
  • Non-compliant or out-of-date equipment
  • Safety concerns

Our modernization programs are designed for your specific elevator and building, but may include:

  • Cab renovation
  • Fixture upgrades
  • Door equipment upgrades
  • Full remodeling
  • Component replacement: Controller, Power Unit, Traction Machine and more.

*For specific modernization questions, contact us.